Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Playing tag on the bike path.

Dush (pronounced "Douche") has been tagging Lincoln at least as long as I've been blogging. He's had his name on this RR bridge at the zoo before. They painted over it, but he hit it again this week. I've seen his name all over town.

It was clever of him to make this one funny, rather than just paint his name, but I wish he'd evolve to something more complex and artistic or just quit. What's the point of painting your name everywhere? If you watch the signs along the trails you'll often find USPS Priority Mail address labels with his name wrote graffiti style stuck on them too.

Anyway, about the ride... It ROCKED! I had tail winds both ways going to work and home today. It was pretty humid, but since it was cooler it was a sweet day to be biking. I hope you made time to go for a ride today too. The work commute was 19.8 miles.

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