Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Demo'd the Pivot Mach 4 at Wagon Train.

I LOVE this bike!

Ok, we got back to Lincoln and unpacked. I then headed to Bike Pedalers to pickup my Felt from getting a tune-up and new brake pads. They showed me their newest line of bikes. They are now a dealer for Pivot Cycles. I was planning to ride some single track tonight with family and asked if they would let me demo one. I was excited when they said "yes", but I had no idea what a treat I was in for!

I was given the Pivot Mach 4 with Fox suspension, and Deore XT components all the way around to use for the next 24 hours. We rode the same trail as was used for the recent Angry Cow Adventure series 12 hour Mountain Bike Race. It was my first time riding out there and shortly after starting I went into a turn on a downhill section too fast and braked too hard sending me head first into the trail. After shaking it off and realizing those disk brakes will do what you ask of them weather your ready or not. I took a moment to visit with other riders before hitting the trail again.

The Pivot line of MTBs have a stiff fast feel and are very quick! It was a real treat to ride and it found torque over every type of surface. The Mach 4 really shined in the climbs. It was like a rocket going up the hills! If your a competitive single track racer or considering some serious trail riding you need to give the Pivot a try. I had a great time and absolutely loved this bike.

I'm going to ride it on my urban work commute tomorrow and see if it behaves in the city as well as it does in the woods. Stay tuned. This bike is too cool!!! Tonight's miles = 5.1

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