Friday, May 28, 2010

The c-rad hustle.

We met up in the tunnel at 8th & Van Dorn at 8pm and raced at 8:30. It was the longest hustle in Lincoln's history. Reported to be 20 miles long. It was a check point race put on by Conrad. We found out our next destination at each stop. There were 6 stops between the start and finish. The race ended at the Grata. I arrived 6th out of 16 at 11pm, but got 10th place because of some shots that riders could use to take time off their total. I made a couple of wrong turns that added a lot of time and miles and ended up racing around 32 miles. (most hustles are 15 miles) But, dang, it was an awesome race!!! The group was fun, the route was sweet, we rode under a full moon and the night was beautiful! After riding there and back and my work commute I ended up with 60.3 miles for the day.

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