Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NOA buys a Felt Z70 at Bike Pedalers!

Yes, dreams can come true! Finally! I'm so excited I can't stand it!

I looked at several good bikes, but the Felt had the better components, and being a 2009 model the price had been marked down making the Felt a great deal!

Bike Pedalers has some really hot deals on 09' bikes right now. Jason sold me this sweet Felt Z70 and all the accessories today! They took it in the back and installed the clipless pedals, black bar tape, computer and a handsome new Brooks saddle.

Their bikes and low prices are awesome, and the mechanics are the only ones I count on to keep me and my bike moving safely mile after mile. This is the 6th bike my family has bought from Bike Pedalers in the last two years.

I'm always looking for the most bike for the money, and always shop around, but every time I end up back where I started, at Bike Pedalers. If you need a flat fixed on your old trusty rusty, or are looking for a fly new whip and all the bling-bling to pimp it out, or anything in-between, they'll treat you great.

Now, if the weather would just shape-up so I could try it out without drowning!

Remember the movie tomorrow night and Bike Pedalers reception afterward, and the ride Sunday at noon. Hope to see you there!


  1. Thanks Shane - enjoy the bike!

  2. Well excellent. I was going to suggest that you buy from the shop you trust. But I stayed out of it, as I know that price often dictates these decisions. It says something about Bike pedalers that they ended up successfully completing the sale. They did not take you for granted. Enjoy that new ride.

  3. Wow Shane, that's one SWEET looking ride! I especially dig the Brooks on it, just puts it all together. Now if only Mother Nature would give you some good ridin' weather!!

    Keep Rollin'


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