Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Finding HOPE on the Nacho Ride.

After taking the last several days off the bike due to family obligations, rotten weather, and laziness it was great to get out tonight for the Tuesday night Nacho Ride.

Someone left a fixture of hope along the trail and Patches was willing to demonstrate it for the benefit of my blog readers. He stopped to drop a duce on the way. Then on the way back he shows readers it's usefulness after too many of those tasty cold beers at the OED in Eagle. But he also reminds us that the trailside bushes are there for those who tend to bask in modesty.

Dan was spotted surveying the long line of bikes outside the One Eye'd Dog Saloon where riders refueled on nachos and 75 cent tacos. I'd guess there were probably 40 Nacho Riders through the night, but it's hard to tell since people make the trek throughout the evening. Tonight the trail was damp and the mushy conditions made pedaling a little tougher than most Tuesday nights. Here's hopping to see you soon out on the Nacho Ride! Today's miles = 28.0

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