Friday, April 2, 2010

Wrong forecast, 2nd flat & floss flashing. Nonetheless it was a Good Friday.

Last night the forecast for today included a 70% chance of rain, heavy wind and temps 20' lower than Thursday... Well, this morning I woke to find a great morning and almost no rain in the forecast. We still had the wind, but, with the sun shining the cooler day seemed perfect.

On the way to work I got my 2nd flat so far this year. It happened near Casey's on 56th & Superior. They have free air, so I pumped up the tube and I made it the rest of the way to work. I later patched the hole and was good as new.

I did some other errands on the way home before running into this satin sweetie. The trails were full of bikes, but this mountain biking mama caught my eye as she chilled her crotch and allowed her thong to take some peeks from between her cheeks.

While there is nothing hotter than sexy panties, or chicks on bikes - somehow, this wasn't quite what I'd been dreaming of finding out on the trails.

Even though I'd been deflated in more ways than one on today's commute, I still had a great day on the bike. Tomorrow is the MTB TT in Jewel Park and the Chocolate Easter Bunny Ride with the GPBC. Hope you'll get some miles in this weekend. Today's miles = 21.2

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