Sunday, April 25, 2010

GPBC Spring Fling ride. Wind 1 - Bikers 0.

Today was the GPBC's Spring Fling. I had a great time riding with a bunch of good friends and had a chance to make some new ones. But, as far as epic miles, today was a epic fail.

I left home and rode to Eagle for the start, the route was up to 30 miles from Eagle to Lewisville, or less if you wanted to turn back early. The Northwest wind was unbelievable! Most made it to Murdock then rode back. We did too. I was hoping for 85 miles for the day, but it wasn't in the cards. We even rode through some rain. It was a great day socially, but not weatherwise. Today's miles = 60.4

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  1.'re not kidding! We took the kids out for this one. Myself, now in my 27th week of pregnany, headed out with the 10 yr old while the he and the 12 yr old took off ahead of us, yes, we are slow :). They went on to Murdock, while we BARELY made it to Elmwood when the rain started. The wind was sooo strong trying to climb the hills it felt like you were sitting still on your bike. On our way back to Eagle on 34 W, the wind & rain blasted us and for the first time ever...I had to catch a ride with the SAG guys...THANKS PAT!!! It was beautiful coutryside but horrible conditions.....whew...glad we didnt have a baby 3 months early!
    Glad you had a great time....can't wait til the next ride! Happy Monday!


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