Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Accomplice Accomplishments Hustle.

Tonight was another infamous Lincoln Alleycat Race. This one was called the Accomplice Accomplishments Hustle. Around 20 racers competed in groups of two racing to different locations around town and meeting up for 'challenges' finally ending downtown where we had to feed eachother sushi before the clock was stopped.

I was paired up with Conrad. But, us old duffers held our own comming in at 3rd place.

The race was around 13-16 miles depending on the routes each cyclist took. It was a perfect night and it turned out to be a really fun race! We had a 100 percent chance of evening showers, but they never materialized making it a sweet night to race around the city.

My milage tonight including to ride to the race and home was 24.1 making today's total 43.8 miles.

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