Sunday, April 11, 2010

Returned the Mount Vision 5.9 to Bike Pedalers and rode to work.

I took off late this morning on the demo MTB and rode to Bike Pedalers to regrettably return it and then rode my Felt to the office.

My self adhesive patch job finally gave way giving me my 3rd flat of the year. I switched out the tube and headed across town to the office.

I had a brush with fame on the Rock Island Trail when I passed Husker football coach Pelini as he was out for a mid-day run.

Repairs have been made on the John Dietrich Trail in spots where frost has heaved the bike path.

I finally took the pick-up home from work after having sat there since Wednesday. I logged 6 miles on the Marin Mount Vision and 12.2 on my Felt for a total today of 18.2 miles.

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