Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I kinda cheated today.

Ok, not to be a baby or anything, but... sometime this month I needed to take the pick-up to Columbus for work and haul stuff back to Lincoln.

Well, this morning's cold rain and 20 - 30 mph headwind was all it took to convince me that today would be a great day to work on the road. I threw the bike in the pick-up and hit the highway. I even had to drive through snow at one point.

Once back at the office, the skies cleared and temps rose, so I decided to ride home and get 1/2 a commute in today. The ride home was ssssoooo sweet. The tailwind was outstanding, lots of great people were out riding and it was just a fast fun ride.

But, best of all, I finally got to meet local cycling\blogging legend, The Chubby Super Biker!!! I ran into him on the Billy Wolff trail on his commute home and we rode and talked the rest of the way. Meeting up with someone who encourages others to ride by example, and by sharing his personal story was the highlight of my day. I really admire him and the way he proves that anyone can bike and what it's done for him. But, make no mistake, he's hardcore. (That makes me skipping this mornings commute look like a real wussy move, huh?)

Then this evening our youngest and I rode to the church. Bringing today's total miles to 19.5

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