Saturday, April 24, 2010

LPD bike auction & a spin down the Mopac trail.

This morning I rode down to the impound lot near Oak Lake to check out the LPD ceased and abandoned bike auction. There were around 80 bikes selling for a couple bucks up to $190 for the top bid on a nice Trek. Some were better than others, including this grocery-getter with the Fisher Price cart attached with an electric cord. I got skunked, and came away empty handed. But that's ok. It's always fun to watch, and I ran into some friends there.

I then took the pedestrian bridge over the tracks toward UNL's stadium where I found this message of love vs. power stenciled on the pavement. I jumped on the Mopac and rode east to find that Emilee a 2 year old had gone her first mile and celebrated by chalking the accomplishment near the trailhead on 84th. I continued east to 'the shack' before turning toward home. It was a great day for a relaxing spin. I cleaned up the bike and I'm all ready for a big day of riding tomorrow on the GPBC's Spring Fling ride. Today's miles = 32.4

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