Friday, October 16, 2009

Rode to the Stars.

Your favorite fair weather cyclist rides again. Between being busy at work and the fact that the first 15 days of October were the coldest they've ever been in Nebraska since they started keeping track I've been neglecting my bike.

I was given tickets to a Lincoln Stars Hockey game for my involvement in a special project at work and thought it'd be a great chance to ride and avoid trafic and parking. I'd never been to a hockey game and I wasn't disappointed! The Stars took the win in overtime 7 to 6.

The ride was sweet and it felt like going home to be back on two wheels after riding just a couple times in the last two weeks. My helmet is off to those who are commuting in bad weather, but I'm glad to see some sunnier days in the forecast and am hoping to ride more before winter really sets in. Hope to see you enjoying the nicer days outdoors too.

Today's miles to the hockey game and back = 12.16.

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