Friday, October 16, 2009

12 yr old shoots two turkeys in one shot! That's my boy!

Honest. He really did!

I dropped off our youngest to Turkey hunt on the Loup River with my mom and hadn't even made it back to Lincoln when he called and said that while setting up the blind down on the river he was able to hit two with his first shot. He never misses, but this is just showing off I think! I guess I can't complain about having to spend so much money on his ammo anymore, huh? Ha!

I asked if he wanted me to turn around and come get him since his permit only had two tags and he'd used them both up already. Not one to concede so easily, he said, "no, we'll just go on-line and get another permit, there are too many turkeys down here." He loves it there, I knew he wouldn't want to come home till he absolutely had to.

Are you kidding? Yeah, I'm proud of him!

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