Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First day at work.

After extensive interviews and looking at many qualified candidates, the best fit for our needs was chosen and hired with Monday as her first day on the job.

The new Bike Pedalers Felt came in on her first commute confident, educated and well trained. She flew effortlessly through her assigned tasks and made the ride in quick, effortless and enjoyable.

After work I rode downtown to pick up a copy of Lincoln Ve-Low before sailing home. The Felt's first day at work was a piece of cake. She multi-tasks naturally, transitioning from city trails to urban streets seamlessly. She performs well under all conditions from the early morning darkness to taking on the afternoon breeze.

She was a joy to work with, making my job easy as I directed her and she seemed to do all the work. She was sharp and professional in appearance. She exhibited courtesy to pedestrians, was friendly to cyclist and diversified enough to blend easily with vehicles.

While she may need extra attention on crude rock trails found rurally. I'm looking forward to seeing her strength and poise on the open roads on long rides outside of town. That should be her opportunity to shine and I have no doubt she will excel.

The Felt was a great choice and I look forward to working with her for many work commutes to come. Yesterday's miles = 20.80

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