Saturday, October 17, 2009

Free Husker game day parking one block away!

Doc was kind enough to invite me my first Husker football game today. I rode to the stadium and found a nearby bike rack with plenty of space. I didn't have to pay for parking, fight traffic, or walk a long ways. Biking is truly the way to get to a big event without all the headaches.

The game was awesome and the atmosphere was unbelievable! Truly a day I'll never forget.
Today's miles to the stadium and back = 10.56

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  1. I am so glad that you attended the game in my place.... I enjoyed it much more in the warm comfortable rocker in front of the TV in my warm living room. I think I saw you and Doc Ayers in the crowd.... were you the ones wearing red, standing up cheering and sitting next to the skinny guy leaving you more than the usual 18" of space? If so... I did see you. I am sure the bike route was the way to go. Glad you enjoyed it.... grandma D


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