Monday, October 19, 2009

Finally, a great fall commute.

Today's high was a welcome 71' after a couple of crappy weeks of weather.

The ride was great, but my bike was shifting badly about 1/2 way to work and got worse on the ride home. I took it in to find out my cable was shot. A little over $4 later and Bike Pedalers had me fixed up and ready to ride again.

I've been doing some pretty serious shopping for a new bike and am looking at a performance hybrid Trek FX 7.6, a compact road bike from Specialized called a Sequoia and a relaxed road bike by Felt called the Z70. I'll keep my Marin comfort series, but am looking for something lighter, faster and more nimble that'd be better suited for the riding I'm doing. Stay tuned, it should be an exciting week!

Today's miles to work and home = 19.77

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