Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tail winds both ways on the commute!

How often does that happen? I was in the big ring all the way! This morning a breeze came out of the South and the ride home treated me to a strong North wind. Easy, easy riding!

Everyone else is talking about it, you could say the 'cat is out of the bag' on the Scrabble Hustle (alleycat race) planned for Thursday night. Come out for some hardcore urban fun. But, give them a heads-up first so they'll have you on the list. Also, Friday night is Critical Mass, meet on the North side of the Capital at 6:00pm.

Hey, I hit my first thousand miles on the Felt today, it took a long time with the rotten winter we had, the next thousand will add up much faster!

Today's miles = 19.6

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