Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Scrabble Hustle

Around twenty five racers came out for tonight's Lincoln Alley-cat race. There were 7 stops before the finish line. Racers could go to as many as they wanted. Each stop had a bag of Scrabble letters to choose one from. At the finish you were scored on your word.

The first couple to finish got extra points. I was around the 15th to finish,but my word was "quite" earning me enough points to come away with 2nd place. The race was a hoot. Depending on how many stops you made the length was from 6 to 16 miles. I made 6 of the 7 stops and must have raced around 14 miles.

I had to work in Columbus and didn't ride today till tonight's race. After riding home from the race I racked up 19.9 miles for the day.

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