Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Antelope Valley Project makes the commute much safer and faster.

Most of the barricades have been moved that were set up to keep people off the trails in the Antelope Valley Project. Work is still continuing, and there is quite a bit of debris on the paths, but being able to ride under the streets makes riding north and south fast and safe.

They'll probably block the trails off again as they have to use equipment down there, but as long as it's open, hey, why not try it out? Right now you can ride without having to stop from Devaney to Lincoln High. I love it! Today's miles riding to work and back = 19.8

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I totally just hopped on my bike to check it out. At night, it's like Roman ruins in reverse, as all of the concrete pourings for steps and gardens and terraces and stages for the new park begin to emerge in the lamplight.

    You can really bomb through there quickly! That's going to be awesome, and it'll eventually connect to everything in the network.


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