Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A commute and a half.

Today the trails are still wet and grimy. But don't let that keep you from the fun a ride around town.

Tomorrow I have a meeting in Columbus, but didn't want to waste a day of riding by driving to work, and I knew I'd have to go back to the office late in the afternoon, so I rode there and back, then put the bike in the pick-up and drove from home to work and rode home again.

It was good to see a couple of friends on the trails today and many other cyclist. Everyone is loving this weather.

But remember drivers are not in the habit of watching for us again. I had a lady on her phone in a SUV pull into the bike trail crossing (cross-walk) when I had the light, cutting me off, once she noticed me I could see her mouth "Sorry, Oh my God, I'm so sorry." Even with her window up I could tell what she said. So, pay attention, and have fun.

Today's miles = 26.4

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