Thursday, March 4, 2010

1/2 a commute and a ride after work.

I rode to work and got my first flat of the year on the way. More like a slow leak actually. I aired it up a couple times and made it in without having to change the tube out.

I already had my pick-up at the office, I drove it to Columbus for a meeting and stopped off at Nebraska Cycling and Fitness (great bike shop! Stop in sometime) and picked up a few things. After I got back to the office this afternoon I switched out the tube, but wanted to join a ride at 6pm and didn't have time to ride home, so I drove.

I then rode from home to Cycle Works on 70th & Pioneers and met up with about a dozen others and we headed out for an 'urban assault' riding down the Billy Wolff to the Rock Island, then around the South Point loop and back on the Hwy. 2 trail, I broke off to go back to the house at the end. We had a great time, I got to meet several cyclist I hadn't rode with before. And it felt great to burn the cobs out tonight. We rode 18.8 miles. Including the 7 mile commute into work I got 25.8 miles in today.

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