Friday, June 17, 2011


While I don't see any sense in working out or exercising just for the sake of working out, I did go for a spin early this morning. I'll be glad I did by this time next week when it'll be painfully obvious who has been conditioning and who (me) hasn't.

I have to workout on the road today, so this was my only chance for a ride. I wasn't alone though. This mallard hen was giving swimming lessons to her babies. And around a dozen sweat pants wearing participants were working out in the Union Bank parking lot. I spared them their dignity and didn't snap a picture. The South Point loop had bikers, joggers and dogs walking their owners too. I was disappointed though that The Incredible Bulk isn't open for breakfast at 5:30am. Where is the motivation to workout if there isn't a place with good food to stop at? Today's miles = 7.6

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