Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Warriors Hustle

Tonight biker gangs were on the loose in Lincoln! The theme for the Hustle was The Warriors and we were grouped into "gangs" of 3. Everyone had to go to one checkpoint, and the other 10 checkpoints could be divided up among the members of your "gang". There were points given at each checkpoint, and they could be taken by another gang in a 'Rumble'. Tonight's Hustle was sponsored in part by Modern Monks.

I even took a picture of Syd and I at Tierra Park to prove we were there. Since we didn't realize the checkpoint was on the asphalt loop in the woods. We were out of time and hoped it would suffice.

My gang rode hard and did a great job, and even though we finished well, our points were low and we came in dead last.

The race started with temps over 100' and a stiff South wind, but there was still and good turnout. I raced around 13.5 miles and including the ride there and back I got 23.3 miles in tonight.

Next months Hustle will be a big one with a big prize!

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