Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hard Rocking Nacho Ride.

I took the Felt to work and back home. Then rode the Austro-Daimler to the Mopac trailhead for the Nacho Ride. Jon was kind enough to fix me up with some new duds from the Biiklops art show. Thanks Jon.

There was another big crowd with a line to order stretching out to the street at the One Eye'd Dog Saloon in Eagle. Lots of Nacho Ride regulars and plenty of newbies too. You can always tell who is new, their the ones who order a full order of nachos before they realize it's more than they can eat.

The highlight of tonight's ride was seeing Councel show up on his Specialized Hard Rock and try to keep up with us on the horse trails while we were on the Mopac with our road bikes. Too bad he got his pretty socks all wet when he under estimated the depth of a mud puddle he called a "lake". Lol!

I'm still struggling to get used to how far it is from the banks of Beal Brook to the Mopac trailhead, but the extra distance helps the miles add up. Today's miles = 57.61

1 comment:

  1. You were a jerk for not warning me about the water. You saw it but kept yelling "faster", this is why I'm not fond of you.


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