Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nacho Riders Count.

I neglected to snap a picture, but volunteers from the GPTN were set up at the trail head on the Mopac counting trail users.

The Mopac has had brush trimmed back, but last night's storms left twigs scattered along the way. Evidently Patches tried to clear off debris by picking up branches with his bike.

We pushed against a bit of a head wind and rolled into Eagle as the wind died down. There was a fun group out tonight and we talked about this weekends Fox Hole 100 ride.

I had fun showing off my new Felt ZA tonight and it seemed happy to be on the Nacho Ride.

Shortly after leaving the trailhead I hit my 5,000th mile for 2010, my goal is 6,000 for the year, it'll be close!

Today's miles on the work commute and Nacho Ride = 48.5

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