Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Buffalo Hustle.

I rode to work and back today. And tonight was the Buffalo Hustle. We met at 7:30 at Van Dorn park and the race began at 8pm. There were 3 check points that could be done in any order, they were: The live buffalo in Pioneers Park, The Rock Island train crash site on the Jamaica North Trail and The stone drinking fountain on the east side of the zoo. The finish was at O'rourke's downtown. There were challenges at each checkpoint including a gunnysack race, hackysack and dressing up.

Quite a few of us began by going to Pioneers Park, from there Tim & I took Coddington to W. Denton Rd, then carried our bikes down the side of the overpass down to the Jamaica North Trail and went South on that to the crash site.

After that we went East across the tracks and onto the Rock Island Trail then North to the zoo and from there we hurried downtown for the finish. Everyone got prizes. Tim and I went through the 16.8 mile race together and I came in 10th out of 21, my average speed was 16.1mph. As always, it was a great race! Today's total miles = 45.2 And that puts September in the books with a total of 772.29 miles.

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