Friday, September 17, 2010

The Mopac - Lincoln to Wabash

I took the day off to do some biking and began by taking a leisurely spin in town. I rode from 84th down the Mopac, around Oak Lake, to Roper Park and home. While on my morning ride Patches called and said he'd like to take his families' motor home to Wilbur for tomorrow's Fox Hole 100. I offered to follow him down and bring him back. We got back to Lincoln in time to meet up with Craig and Council at the Mopac trail head for a ride to the end of the trail in Wabash.

Since I'd already been to the West end of the Mopac this morning I'd be able to say I'd rode the full length of it today. I was still feeling a little ruff from having the flu earlier this week and was a bit dizzy and ready for a drink and some air by the time we got to the shack 1/2 way to Eagle. After that I was feeling strong and getting into a rhythm. We sped through Eagle and into Elmwood when Craig got bucked off in a washout on the trail. (stay tuned, this gets better)Council demonstrated his cyclocross skills as he shouldered his bike and smoothly crossed a nearby asphalt barrier.

The last few miles were easily passable, but littered with twigs and leaves from recent storms. Wabash is microscopic with no services. After touring the town we turned toward the setting sun and rode hard again.

As we got back into Elmwood Council hit the same rut that Craig did earlier and executed the most beautiful endo you've ever seen! Realizing he was unscathed other than his pride and reputation (thanks to me blogging about it) he checked his steed for injuries. It was ok except the wreck rearranged his brake/shifter lever. He was able to muscle it back into place and we were ready to go. That's when Patches realized he'd flated. The boys fixed it in a jiffy and we were finally set.

I was feeling the pain of our aggressive ride the last few miles before Eagle and we were about all dry. Thanks to our weekly Nacho Rides the staff at the One Eye'd Dog Saloon treated us like kings and filled our water bottles without flinching and sent us on our way. By this point Craig was getting some leg cramps and ran over to the store for a banana.

Back on the trail we hit it hard and were making good time. I stopped to finish off my water in Walton and Craig caught me. He was still fighting cramps and needed to stretch and take a break. Even though we'd each had trouble it was a great ride and a lot of fun. We got back to the trail head with 43.3 miles and I had a grand total for the day of 63 miles.

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