Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Nacho Appreciation Ride.

A gorgeous night was on tap for the Nacho Appreciation Ride tonight. The One Eye'd Dog Saloon handed out prizes throughout the night to lucky riders.

While my ticket wasn't drawn during the time we were there, I did come away with a 312 water bottle, thanks I think, to Cleatus strong arming D.D. On his way out of the OED.

Now that I am a documented "local cycling celebrity" (see the poll on http://www.nachoride.com/) (your encouraged to vote for me! * hint, hint *) I feel like I'm obligated to have an entourage to roll with. Well, my peeps and I got a chance to really try out our lights after riding toward the setting sun and into darkness.

The Nacho Ride was a great way to cap off the day and put today's mileage total in the books at 45.15 miles. Be sure to join us every Tuesday for the Nacho Ride!

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