Thursday, September 24, 2009

A day off to bike to the 4 corners of the... well... Lincoln!

I had the day off and decided to explore the far reaches of the city's bike paths.

SE: I began by crossing the Holmes Lake Dam trail, then continued east on the Billy Wolff to the end at 91st St. & Hwy 2 near Menards and the heart hospital.

SW: Then rode west down Hwy 2 to the Old Cheney Trail and took it to the Tierra Williamsburg Trail then turned south till I reached the South Point Trail, took it west to 14th St near Lincoln S.W.H.S. And turned south to the Jamaica North Trail and continued south till I got to the Jamaica North Trailhead / Homestead Trailhead.

NW: I doubled back and headed north on the Jamaica North Trail to the Salt Creek Levee Trail and took it to Oak Lake, then rode through Roper Park to the Superior St Trail, I then went west and looped around the Highlands Trail stopping to see golfers out on the driving range.

NE: Then back on the Superior St Trail and east to Havelock, rode down Touzalin to the Murdock Trail and rode it east to the 84th St Trail near the Lancaster Events Center before turning south on the 84th St Trail and taking it to South St, turned south there and then under the fence behind the Evangelical Church and took that back to the Holmes Dam Trail and home.

It was a great way to spend a day off and totaled 54.35 miles.

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