Saturday, August 28, 2010

Looking sharp for a road ride to Cortland for water.

I met up with Chris and Council at 7:30 mmm, er, ah, make that 7:36 in Council's case. I should feel lucky I got a chance to ride with him since he often bows out of ride opportunities, so I won't write about my deep disappointment in his tardiness.

He made it up to me by letting me suck wheel all the way down 77 to Cortland. There were questions concerning my steel steed. And my humor that was as stinging as today's South wind, was just as well received.

I was dressed to the nines for the trip, and offered to reach up for a drink for the boys. After stopping for water we turned back to the star city and let the tail wind push us home.

Back in the city I continued North down the Rock Island Trail where I ran into the infamous barkeep himself from the Legendary Fox Hole Tavern who was promoting the upcoming Fox Hole 100 2-day bike tour from Lincoln to Wilbur on September 18th and 19th. The Fox Hole 100 is an awesome ride that you should make plans to be on!

Later back at home I went for a short spin with Ruby and her rider. I got along well with the Surly Cross Check today, it was comfortable and predictable. I'm still struggling to get used to the bar end shifters and miss the quick acceleration of my Felt. But once it's up to speed it floats like a Cadillac. Today's total miles = 50.2

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