Friday, August 13, 2010

It's Friday the 13th.

I began this morning like I do every single morning, by stumbling to the fridge for a Mountain Dew. I drank a little, took a shower, then sat on the bed to watch the News and CMT. I reached over for another swig, bumped the cup and DUMPED a bunch of pop onto my cell phone on my night stand.

I dried it out, but the phone was shot. I rode to Verizon from work for a new one then went home.

By midafternoon I started feeling crappy. We've had this crud working it's way through the house, and I'm afraid I'm coming down with it now. I hope to kick it so my plans for tomorrow aren't spoiled. I intend to ride to Branched Oak Lake to cheer on friends in the xterra bolt races.

Cutting across residential areas like I did on the way home from work is shorter but takes longer. Today's miles on the work commute and trip to get a phone came to 18.5

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