Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The last Nacho Ride for the Nebraska Outdoor Addict.

A few NOA blog fans and I met up at the Mopac trailhead for a ride to Eagle last night. Technically, the trail is still closed due to the drought cracks that'll eat a bike wheel, but we went anyway. And anything besides a Nacho Ride wouldn't seem like the right way to celebrate.

It was a fun group with Tony, James, James, Patches, Terri (rockin new wheels) Jon, & Scott. 4 of the 8 of us got flats, there were stickers everywhere. I thought for a minute James was going to toss his wheel into the trees out of frustration. Toward the end I had the honor of running into former cyclist Counsel who was running on foot (wth?) with Christa. He claimed he was training for a 1/2 Ironman.

It was a great time as always and good to see everyone again. The Nacho Ride along with a trip up the hill the other day and some other piddling around I'd done in the neighborhood gives me another 26.6 miles.

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