Friday, November 19, 2010

The Hustle World Championship.

Tonight was the Hustle World Championship race. We met up at Recycled for the beginning of the race. The first stop was in the 900 block of Twin Ridge. Many of us began by going the wrong way, but I took it to another level! In case your wondering, the first stop wasn't anywhere near 9th and Washington where I ended up before calling home to have it looked up and realizing it was North of A st, between 56th and 70th. Oops! I arrived at the first check point 15th out of 15. There we were told to write a hyco poem. I didn't even know what a hyco was. I was failing miserably.

After that was refreshments at the Holmes Lake dam. The next stop was back at Recycled to ride a minibike. We then rode a lap on the tractor track before ending on S. 11th.

I ended up 9th out of 15 and won a seat cover and tire lever. Sydney took first. (she is FAST, plus she knew where Twin Ridge was) With my bad wrong turn I raced 19.4 miles and got home with a total for the day of 26.8

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