Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 rifle deer season day 2.

At sun up I was in a tree stand by the river. At 8am our youngest got a nice antlerless deer. By 10am I was back in the 180 blind and our youngest had his shotgun ready for the turkeys.

We saw just one deer and no turkeys from 10-3. He hitched a ride back to Lincoln to get ready for school tomorrow while I stayed to continue to try to fill my permit.

After he left, the turkeys came by, and even walked directly under the blind. 5 smaller whitetails put on a show around sunset that was fun to watch. But left me eager to see something meatier. I headed back to the camper for supper and a little TV before turning in. I'm hopeful about tomorrow morning and am excited to get back out there.

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