Sunday, October 10, 2010

Secret MTB trails.

Some of the folks from Bike Pedalers own land that has been developed into an amazing mountain biking spot. They've been very selective about who was invited out to this secret MTB heaven. This week the property was listed on Craigslist so after all the work they've put into the trails the guys wanted to show it off and have some fun riding before it's too late. I talked our oldest son into letting me borrow his Marin MTB and headed out to this secret private Eden. Once there, I got the grand tour. The trails are well made and full of sweet features! As I arrived they'd just built a vertical wall. We built up a berm before and after it, then tried our luck letting the g-force carry us through when we found the right line... when we didn't we got a chance to practice emergency off camber breaking. When you had the guts to hit it hard enough to stick it the wall was too fun! Back at the cabin the fire pit was the place to share stories and relax. It was an honor and a privilege to be invited and riding those trails made this afternoon one I'll never forget. There were a slew of other biking events going on all day today in Lincoln, and I hated to miss them, but chances like this can't be passed up. Hopefully a cyclist will be the buyer, it'd be a shame for this all to go to waste. It's an amazing place!

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  1. Wow... That's super cool. Those BP guys are good people.


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