Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The 6,000 mile Nacho Ride!

When I first started biking 3 years ago I read an article about a guy who rode 6,000 miles a year. At the time I thought that was amazing. Now I realize it's not, and that many of my readers and cycling friends get 6,000 miles every year.

But for some reason that number has always stuck in my head. 6,000 miles was my goal for 2010, and tonight at the shack 1/2 way to Eagle I rolled over the 6K mark for the year with a bang (Patches!). We stopped to celebrate then continued into Eagle where we ran into a few other biking friends. The guys decided to commemorate the occasion by dressing to the nines. They are always so fun and great to ride with. Tonight's accomplishment felt great, and gave us a chance to remember all the great times we've had riding this year.

There was a killer West wind all day that made riding a challenge. After riding to work and the Nacho Ride I ended up with 48.8 miles for the day.

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