Friday, February 26, 2010

A new steed in the stable! Introducing "Trusty Rusty" my new 'rat bike'.

I've been hunting for a old bike with some character and charm for a long time, and recently found this beauty at Precision Skateboards on 48th & Van Dorn.

It's a single speed with a coaster brake and an old skip-tooth drive train said to date back to pre-WWII. Note the 'heart' shaped cut outs in the front cog. It utilizes an old Cleveland cruiser frame with a road bike's front fork, and drop bars.

It really handles great and is as fun to ride as it is to be seen on. Phil at Precision Skateboards built this bike and called it 'The Fixie Killer' but I'm naming it 'Trusty Rusty'. He's got several other vintage 2-wheelers, so stop by and take a look around. Old steel bike lovers will also want to check out Tyler's bikes at Re-Cycled on South St.

I've always wanted to have a fun vintage ride and couldn't be happier with Trusty Rusty.

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