Sunday, February 28, 2010

2010's first work commute, Pepe's lunch, & gravel on the way home.

With a high today of 34' it was a great day to get out on the bike after a rotten winter. I had some work to do at the office this morning so I rode the city trails across town for the years first work commute. The trails had icy spots and the underpasses had thick ice that'll be around for awhile.
After working I met up with some cycling friends at Pepe's for his 'biker special'. The food was great as we made plans for a summer full of riding bliss.
Once I left Pepe's I ran across the Tin Man and Scarecrow hanging out in the Havelock neighborhood of Lincoln. I asked the Tin Man if he'd like to grab his bike and join me for a ride... but, he didn't have the heart.
I headed East out of town and ran across some wildlife enjoying these balmy temps today too.

I worked my way South down some gravel roads before turning back tward home.

It was a great way to spend part of the weekend outdoors and get a few miles in. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we're going to be leaving winter behind us soon. Today's miles = 24.6 February's total miles = 93

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