Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Cottonwood 200.

Memorial Day weekend was the annual Cottonwood 200, a 200 mile, 3-day tour out of Topeka Kansas through the Flint Hill and back to Topeka. The price was right so a bunch of us from Lincoln signed up and went. The weather was brutal with tough winds and high temps, it was hard at times to even go 9 mph on the bike. They SAG'ed a record number of riders (myself included) in on the first day. I couldn't keep fluids down and was over heated. The scenery was awesome though and the tour was top notch all the way. The SAG stops were loaded with great food and drinks, and everyone was really helpful. The second day also had some tough hills and a direct headwind of 35 mph. We worked our tails off to ride the little over 20 miles South before turning back into a hot but rewarding tail-wind. The third day was the best weatherwise and ended the ride on a high note. We saw some neat sights, had a ton of fun and enjoyed the chance to get away for a long weekend on bikes. I wound up with 127.1 miles during the 3-day tour.


  1. I agree, the ride was very well organized and the SAG stops were top-notch. I personally rode the "Cottonwood 182" instead of the Cottonwood 200 - also SAG'd on the first day but thought it a great prep ride for BRAN next week. You doing BRAN? I forget.....

  2. Nope. This was my only tour this year. Have a great time. Here's wishing you big downhills and tailwinds.


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