Thursday, February 2, 2012

All dressed up and no place to go.

The rack and bag for my Trek FX 7.6 came in today. I got it put on this evening and can't wait to use it. Today's ride to work was 18'F. the ride home was 60'F. With a forty degree swing I'm having to haul layers home that I needed to wear on the way into the office. I've got by with my messenger bag, but I'd rather haul stuff on the bike than my back. Problem is, we've got a big winter storm rolling in, so it's hard telling when I'll ride it again.
This morning had a killer sunrise. They always look better from behind bars than through a windshield.
I'll ride the Austro-Dieamler on Saturday's Frosty Bike Ride since we'll be pedaling in snow. Oh well, it'll give us something to laugh about when we're on a sweltering ride this summer. Today's miles to work and back = 21.0

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