Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Use oil. Neatsfoot Oil that is.

I've been content with the Brooks saddle on my Austro-Dieamler. But the other day when I got the Felt out for a ride I realized how much better the Brooks on the Felt was broke-in than the one on the Austro-Dieamler. It has 10 times more miles on it, but I couldn't help but wish it would break in faster. So I got out the Neatsfoot Oil and submerged the saddle in it for a few days. I had to add a few rocks to the bucket to displace the oil enough to cover the saddle.

Tonight I took it out and put it back on the bike, then went for a little spin around Hwy 2. I've also rode up the hill and to work since I last blogged for a total of 19.61 miles.

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  1. That does seem a pretty drastic method of speeding up the breaking in process. I think that I would be concerned that I would be making the leather too soft.....still if it works for you that's great.
    I have a Team Pro and a Swift. The Swift I have had for about three months and with 1400 miles now done it feels pretty good...The Team Pro is well broken in with about 4500 miles.



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