Friday, July 29, 2011

Future cyclists.

The high school runners are practicing again. It's that time of year. I just smile when I see then on the trails, because I know most of them will come around and become cyclist.

I always ask other bikers how they got into cycling. Lots of times they say they used to be runners, but gave it up, and now are cyclist. Ever notice how you seldom find a runner who has given up biking to run? But there are tons of great athletes on two wheels who have been told by their doctor that the impact is causing permanent damage and that they should switch to biking.

Nothing against runners. But it's hard not to wonder why schools don't have competitive cycling instead of Cross Country. Probably because of liability and cost.

Anyway, I always remember to smile and say "hi" to the runners when they go by. I want to stay on their good side, because in 10 years, they'll show up on a group ride and I'll need them to pull me into the wind.

I rode to the office, then up the hill today getting me 25.86 miles on the Austro-Diamler.

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  1. So true about runners becoming cyclists....great observation!



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